Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Anniversary

David gave me some flowers this morning for our anniversary...I'm still not sure when he got them, but he gave them to me before he left for work (we both get up really early these days).  As soon as I could, I put them in a vase and set them on the kitchen table and wanted to take a picture of them.  It made me laugh so hard and made me so thankful for the season that we are in when I looked at the picture.  The Handy Manny toys around my vase, the stack of devotionals, Bibles and journals around.  That is truly what our life is like.  Lots of prayer.  Needing Him.  Spending lots of time at this table right now looking for the Lord's will.  Seeking the Lord.  Begging Him for revelation, vision, guidance, provision.  kids.  toys.  laughter.  and always, a breath of sunshine right in the middle.

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kuykendall_family said...

Happy Anniversary to a great couple!!!