Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sam is becoming defiant these days, so I am extremely desperate for the Lord to impart wisdom to me when it comes to being a mom. It seems like he was in time out a hundred times last week, but I know that's really not true. I did lay on the floor on Friday and bawl my eyes out before the Lord in desperation, but then, as the Lord would have it, Sam obeyed me soon after. I told him that if he hit me, he would have time out and he thought about it and chose not to hit me. I am so full of praise! So, let me tell you about the week I had with Sam last week; it has a lot to do with throwing things and hitting people. That is not what I expect from my sweet Sam! But, our pediatrician did tell me that he was strong willed when he was only seven weeks old, so what should I really expect? We went to a friends' house last week for a playdate. When we first arrived, Sam did pretty well with sharing. Then, I saw it happen. Addison was playing innocently with a car that Sam just happened to want at the time, and so Sam hit her...and I mean hit her. Thankfully, Addison loves Sam enough to forgive him. Then, later in the week (and many more time outs later) Sam and I went to lunch with Kim and Addison. Sam started throwing his food. When I told him not to, he hit me. So, we left. These are just glimpses. I do have to say that Sam is absolutely precious at the same time. He gives me kisses and hugs and runs into my arms a hundred times a day, and I think that is why it is so hard when he is so defiant. It truly breaks my heart when he disobeys. Anyway, enough grumbling. I am grateful that he is starting to understand consequences, I guess I just want instant gratification!

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Jackson said...

Sherry, I have no wisdom but I will pray for you! It must be really hard.