Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay is Disney's private island in the Bahamas and our cruise stopped there on our second day.  We headed to the beach right after breakfast and found a perfect spot for our family to enjoy the beach.  Within the first 30 seconds, Jacob had sand covering his entire body.  Literally.  He poured sand all over himself.  He couldn't have been happier and it made Sam belly laugh while we tried to apply sunscreen.  As soon as we got sunscreen on, we went to the water and splashed and played.  Jacob loved the water.  He had his floaties on, but he would float on his tummy with his head out of the water and then put his face in it.  I don't think a smile left his face for the entire time we were in the water.  Except when he started falling asleep in the water.  That's when I knew that he was probably ready for a nap.  Jacob and I headed back to our spot so he could rest while David and Sam stayed in the water.  

Then, it was time to build sandcastles.  We took our own sand toys and David, Sam, Bryan and Caleb built them a sandcastle.  Too bad I don't have pictures!  I forgot to take many pictures on the beach, so you'll just have to imagine with me!

My parents stayed at our spot while Jacob slept for awhile so that both David and I could swim with Sam in the ocean.  We looked for all kinds of fish, but I think that the water was too full of people this year.  Last year, Sam and David saw a stingray and a pretty large fish while they were playing in the ocean.  

Since we are very fair-skinned folks, we headed back onto the ship after lunch.  Sam, Grandpa and Caleb went back out for a boat ride in the afternoon and Amy and Sarah enjoyed the beach for the entire day!  


Ashley said...

This looks like a blast! I can't wait to take vacays w/ the kiddos. I know it's hard at times but so rewarding! And, loving seeing Sherry on the beach - with your BEAUTIFUL but oh so fair skin :-) I hope you packed on the sunscreen friend!!!

Lindsey said...

LOVE the picture of Jacob sacked out in his stroller - that's a true sign of a good time...go 'till you pass out!
And Sherry, I do believe I see a tan on your shoulders!

Krista said...

Love the pictures! What a fun time. I love vacation.