Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Sweetness of the Lord Today

My sweet sister-in-law, Amy, forwarded me a devotion this morning by Lysa TerKeurst.  Interestingly enough, I was scheduled to host Lysa at our church's women's event this weekend, however, the event was cancelled.  Anyway, I read the devotion titled "Principal's office" and was blessed.  Lysa talked about an incident where one of her children was called into the principal's office and how she felt about it.  She talked about how incidents do not define who we are as parents nor who are children are.  She talked about how strong children beg to be disciplined.  This is something that David and I have talked about so much over the past few weeks.  Let me tell you, our Sam is a handful.  We joke and say that he has the intellect of an 8 year old and the emotions of a 2 year old.  Sometimes, this creates so much frustration for Sam and his immature emotions do not know how to process what his little brain is going through.  If you know Sam, you know that he is a strong person.  So, the devotional blessed me and I went on with my day.  

Then, I went to pick Sam up from school.

And, his teacher asked if we could talk for a few minutes because of an incident. 

My heart sank.  Then, I remembered that this incident doesn't define Sam.  It doesn't mean that he is a bad kid.  Or, that I am a bad mom.  It just means that he needs some help and needs to be disciplined.  I wanted to burst into tears, but the Lord reminded me that I am a good mom and that He has equipped be Sam's mom.  I don't know how many times He's had to remind me of that, but He has.  And, I literally start every single day of my life begging Him to give me wisdom and insight into Sam.  He is faithful.  He knows what He has planned for Sam.  Afterall, the other day, one of our closest friends told his dad that "Sam is going to be the boss one day."

Sam, I pray that you learn to love discipline.  I pray that you receive it to shape you and train you so that you grow up to be a strong, focused man of God.  I can't wait to see what He has for you.  It is a joy to be your mom.  It is hard sometimes, but there is nothing else I'd rather do than mother you and your brother.  You are an amazing boy.  I love you.


The Chappelles said...

You are the perfect mom for our Sam. He is a wonderfully made Strong little boy. I can't wait to see what is store for that boy...Big things...Really Big Things.

Chandel said...

I love reading what God puts on your heart to share. Is it not great God has given us the assurance that our lives-present,past,and future rest in His hands. I know the plans I have for SAM, JACOB, YOU, DAVID..... Jer. 29:11 By God's great grace we are who we are and By God's great grace, we will become who we were meant to be.
So glad we love Him together friend!I love you guys.