Friday, February 27, 2009

A Rough One

Do you ever have days {or weeks} that you just feel is raw?  Like there is nothing you can do that is right.  I also have a three  year old who like to let me know when I am doing things wrong.  

I've had a rough week with Sam.  We had been doing so well together and he had been obeying so well, but this week, I think he just wanted to check and see if I was for real about discipline.  And, I've had to stay real...and I've lost it a few times {hate to admit it, but it's true}.  I've even yelled.  I am not a yeller, but I've reached my limit a couple of times and just lost it.  One time was when he kept disagreeing with me over something and then the next was when he blatantly disobeyed me and that resulted in Jacob slipping and busting his lip wide open.  

We've had to leave the park because of Sam's behavior this week and today, Sam lost every privilege to the point that he was just siting on the step watching Jacob and me play.  After Jacob went to sleep, Sam still didn't have any privileges, so he helped me clean and he had to just sit at the table with me because he lost privileges to even play.  I hope so much that this works.  I just had to walk away from the computer and put Sam back in his room for his "rest time" because he left his room.  Now, he has to stay in his room without any books or music.  I just feel like I"m at the end of my rope.  I want so bad to be a good mom.  I want so bad for Sam to obey me and for us to play and have fun together.  

I don't have an encouraging end to this.  I know that Sam is in a stage and that tomorrow is a new day, but my goodness, I am worn every way from him.  All I know to do right now is to pray and pray and and pray some more.  I know that I need to rely on God's grace alone...because I don't think I've got any.  


The Skains Family said...

Unfortunately I have nothing really that great or encouraging to say. Since my oldest is only 18 months we aren't quite there yet. But I will take some extra time right now to say a prayer for you and Sam. You are doing an amazing job as a mommy to Sam and Jacob and they are so blessed to have you. You truly are somebody that I have looked up to while doing this whole mommy thing. Hang in there!

chandel said...

Beyond every storm there is calm and I am praying for that calm to come quickly for you. May His love cover you from head to toe friend.
And may you be reminded that none of us live in a fairy tale world.
I think I hear the King calling you and He's already wiped away the tears and sadness. May you walk forward tonight in the happily ever after. So happy we share the King together. Love you friend.

Amanda said...

Sherry, I'm so sorry you've had that kind of day. Boys are hard. Is it okay for me to just say that? You ARE a great mom. I will pray that you get to have a fun, easy, joyful weekend with Sam. Curt bought us "Have a New Kid by Friday" today. I'll let you know how it goes.

Ashley said...

Sherry, it does sound rough! I will have you on my mind this weekend and pray for good behavior. Oh, it's so hard. I know it's so rewarding, but those rewards don't come without costs. Thank you for being transparent - it really prepares me for these kind of things I might struggle with! Hang in there!

Lisa said...

I feel your pain. I have those trying days, weeks, etc with Ella. If it's any encouragement, we had to leave the park today too because of her disobedience. Then she just kept pressing buttons and I lost it and she spent a good portion of the afternoon in her room. It's hard. Just know you're not alone.