Sunday, January 04, 2009

One Year

Jacob is one year old.  This year has flown by faster than I could ever have imagined.  I am so thankful for the little boy that entered this world on January 2, 2008.  He has delighted us every single day!  Our family feels so complete at this time with him in it.  A few highlights of Jacob:

~he is walking everywhere now.  he has gotten his first bumps and bruises to prove it.
~he does the hand motions to "twinkle twinkle little star"
~he claps constantly
~he says mama, dada, hello and something like aaaaa when he is looking for Sam
~he signs please (and you want to give him anything when he does it) and he signs all done
~he loves his big brother.  when Sam hears Jacob wake up in the morning, Sam goes and gets in his crib with him.  it is one of my favorite sounds in the world.
~he is so easy going that I feel guilty about it sometimes
~he loves to play "peek-a-boo"
~ he loves books...especially ones that make sounds
~he likes to play with trucks
~he likes to go down slides

I have to say that Jacob is the easiest baby that I could have ever asked for.  He hardly ever cries and is almost always content.  He is finally sleeping all night long and is becoming such a big boy!  I am so blessed to be his mom.  He melts me each and every day.  I pray that Jacob becomes a man that loves the Lord more than anything else in this world.  I pray that he is confident in who he becomes in Christ.  I pray that Jacob knows how much his mom and dad and big brother love him and that he never doubts it.  I look forward to every day with this little guy and can't wait for the years to come!


Amanda said...

Happy birthday, sweet Jacob! Thank you for being an easy baby for your mommy!

The Skains Family said...

He is such a cutie. Isn't it so nice to have easy babies that are laid back. It sure makes it easier on mommy sometimes!

chandel said...

Jacob, you are going to grow up to touch lives for Jesus, just like your mommy and daddy.Happy Birthday to my littlest friend. I don't have my own little boy or girl but no one needs to tell me how wonderful you are. I know for sure you and all the other children I know are an amazing gift from God in my life You and your brother and the ones I get to teach everyday are such a blessing to me. Sherri, I love seeing in each of your boys their unique personality. God is using you and David as parents to love,teach and instruct their little hearts with the love you both so easily reflect of His. Keep being you.