Thursday, October 18, 2007


Sam loves to be in his pajamas. Lately, he asks to be in them all day and really, who doesn't want to stay in pjs all the time! If we change out of them for the day, he always wants to put them back on for his nap and he has gotten pretty particular about which ones he wants to wear. David and Sam went to Target the other day and David bought Sam some new pjs and I am constantly washing them so that he can wear them whenever he wants to!

He is getting so precious. In some of these pictures, he is reading his books, and he actually recites them word for word to me. He gets so serious about them and it cracks me up! Enjoy the pictures!


Anonymous said...

He is absolutely the cutest thing ever!!!

Ashley said...

Heck, I would definitely love to stay in my PJs all day - yeah! He is looking so grown up now, Sherry. And to think I have never met this sweet child. (Sigh) day! Love ya'll!

The Burkett Family said...

He is looking so grown-up these days. And his jammies are too cute, I don't blame him for wanting to stay in them all day long!