Sunday, July 16, 2006


I love the way that Sam talks right now. Most of his words are jabberish, but he has several words that are recognizable! My favorite new word is fop-fip...this is supposed to be flip-flop. He was carrying David's flip-flops around the other day and we were trying to tell him what they were; usually, he just says "soooz" for shoes, but we wanted him to try to say flip-flop. After a couple of minutes, he just said "fop-fip." We laughed so hard, and then we laughed harder when he kept saying it over and over. Another one of my favorite things is when Sam says something that sounds like complete jabber to me and I just stare at him and then he'll say the exact same line of jabber again. I just want so bad to know what he is saying! I would love to get into his little head and know what goes on in it! I know that he dreams because I was rocking him the other night and he was asleep and said "woof" while he was sleeping. I had to hold my laughter until I came downstairs to tell David. He is absolutely the most wonderful person to be with! I have so much fun with him that I can hardly stand it!

Today, we went to HEB and Sam loves to have the samples there. He had eaten really well, so I gave him a sample of a chocolate chip cookie to munch on while I did the grocery shopping. Of course, by the time that we went to check out, he had chocolate all over his face. It was adorable. I know that I should probably have gotten my handiwipes out and wiped his face, but I didn't; we were about to be home anyway! With his chocolage face, he waved bye-bye to the cashier with a giant smile, and then he blew kisses to her. I hope it made her day because it sure did make mine! He fell asleep in the car on the way home and stayed asleep, so he still has the chocolate on his face. Oh, well, I'm just sure that I'll have to change his sheet as soon as he wakes up and of course, give him a bath! I never thought that I'd be so in love with a chocolate faced little boy!

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