Saturday, January 02, 2010


Jacob is two years old today! I cannot believe how fast these past two years have flown by us. We are so very blessed by the sweet two years with our Jacob. He is such a dream and we can't imagine our life without him in it.

Dear Jacob,
Happy Birthday! Or, as you say, "happy day!!!" Son, that's how you live your life. You consider everyday happy. I can't think of a day that you woke up in a bad mood over the last two years. You may have gotten in a bad mood during the day, but you always wake up ready to live the day out. I love that about you. I love so many things about you. I love how you are so laid back and how you just take life as it comes...with the hugest smile imaginable. I love how you make everyone you meet feel like they are the most important person in the world. Since the day that you learned how to say "hi" and wave, you have said it to just about everyone you see.

I love how you adore your big brother. You call him "bruber" most of the time and ask for him as soon as you wake up everyday. You cry hysterically every time that we drop him off at school. You try to do everything that he does, and when he does something wrong, you point to the "sad spoon" and say "bruber." It makes me laugh so hard. When you do something wrong, you also tell me that you need the sad spoon (bad boon). You do not like to get into trouble. Your daddy and I can just look at you with a disappointed look and it just about tears you apart.

I love how you are all boy...ALL BOY! You run like a boy, you walk with a swagger. There is just something about you that makes you look like you are in control. You run hard, throw hard, hit hard, laugh hard, live hard. I hope you always do.

Jacob, we love you. You have made our lives better than we knew they could be. Daddy and I can't wait to see what this year holds for you. You are a joy and delight to us. It is an honor to be your parents.



Ashley said...

Happy birthday, J! He is adorable and looks like one I could just snatch up as my own...wish I could see him in person :-) Love to the McClures!

Unmistakably BLESSED said...

Happy Day Jacob!! You are such a bright, bright spot in all of our days! You are love, laughter and LITTLE BOY caught up in this amazing package of energy. We love you, J!!

Anonymous said...

Didd and I wish we could have been there for the party, but we will see you soon. We love you so much, Grammie and Diddy