Tuesday, June 09, 2009


We finished another season of t-ball at the Y and enjoyed it so much.  Sam is really starting to get into the game now and starting to really understand.  Their team was such a great bunch of kids and they really had fun together.  Last night, at their little end-of-season party, all the little boys sat at one table while the adults sat at another.  They were so cute to watch...all in their baseball uniforms and talking about sliding into home.  I think every child slid into home just for fun!  David was a great coach and look forward to another season!
On the way to the last game

First Base
Waiting for Sam's turn to bat
Sliding into home
Ready to go


The Chappelles said...

I can't wait to see him play through the years...LOVE the pants!

Amanda said...

So adorable, Sherry!

Anonymous said...

ohmygosh, is he adorable or what?!!! I sooooooo miss this stage......

Anonymous said...

Chip off the old block! Wish we could be at every game. Our visits may have to be more frequent as he gets older!! We love you and miss you, Grammy and Diddy