Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Crafts #1

Before I start this, let me just say that I am not the crafty type.  I am not that creative and I get frustrated when things don't really turn out right.  I consider the other things that we do together our "crafty stuff."  Like cooking, gardening, cleaning, helping Dad with yard work, etc. However, Sam loves to do projects.  One of his favorite things about school is the projects that they do, so I am determined to do at least one craft a week over the summer.  We went to Lakeshore Learning Center today...what a fun place!  I picked up a craft idea book and a few things to get started today.  Here is our first.  It was so fun to watch Sam get so excited about it!  

We have a great art easel thanks to Grammie and Diddy, so I picked up these fun paint rollers and let Sam go to town.  He had so much fun mixing colors and seeing what the rollers would do.  Then, he had a blast washing the rollers.  Endless fun, I tell you!


The Guess Family said...

Fun Stuff!!! Several neighbors and I go in together every few months and order seasonal crafts from Oriental Trading. They have cute stuff for summer and it is super cheap if you can get a group.

Ashley said...

Sherry - not crafty? WHAT?! He he...looks like fun anyway...I have a LIST of crafts to begin next week, assuming no baby :-)