Thursday, March 26, 2009


I just have to write a minute about my Jacob.  He is the sweetest,  yummiest little boy I could ever imagine.  He is pretty independent and usually plays by himself...which has been kind of hard for me to adjust to.  He is happy all the time.  He is an amazing sleeper.  He eats us out of our house.  He is a delight to my heart each time I look at him.  He runs into my arms and when I pick him up, he lays his sweet head on my shoulder and pats me on the back.  We recently went on a trip (which I will post about soon) and we were delayed on the runway for about an hour (?)  and Jacob just walked up and down the plane, smiling at everyone and giving fives.  Someone said that he would be our next president :)  I would never have known to ask for this laid back child that is mine.  I love him to pieces.  And, just so I would know he isn't perfect, he definitely has had his flesh show through some recently.  It is hard to discipline him sometimes because I think that he doesn't know he is being bad!  He is a treasure to me, David and Sam and we love our Jacob!


Unmistakably BLESSED said...

He reminds me of Ben . . . That independent streak. You'll find that it's such an admirable trait.

He's just as handsome as he could be! I love the latest pictures . . . So glad you're home!

The Chappelles said...

Me too!