Monday, February 23, 2009


We started our first soccer season last week!  It is so fun to watch these kids try to figure out the game.  Kind of a hard concept to teach them that it is ok to take the ball from another kid.  The first game, Sam ran around with his hands attached to his sides so he wouldn't touch the ball.  I think that they are starting to get it, but they mostly just love running as fast as they can and if they kick the ball, that is an added benefit!
Sam talking to his teammate, telling him which way to run
I love that no child is looking in the same direction
Sam playing goalie; Dad explaining what to do.  Sam stopped a goal!
Kick it in the goal!!!


chandel said...

I have enjoyed in the past coaching this sweet little age and when they really "get it" after a few games big things start to happen.
I'd love to come watch my friend play so let me know when the games are.
I am going to coach I decided for UpWords soccer starting real soon.

The Guess Family said...

Addison and her little girlfriends were "playing soccer" at the park yesterday. It was hilarious!!! Whenever one of them would get the ball far enough away from the others, they would stop and lay down on it, to keep anyone from getting it!!!