Saturday, December 13, 2008

PJ Party

Last night, one of Sam's classmates had a pajama party at her house.  All of the kids wore their Christmas pjs and headed over for a little get together.  Earlier in the week, all of the parents bought gifts for their kids and sent them to Santa and he showed up during the party with his big bag of toys and sat in a big chair and called the childrens' names and each child was to sit on his lap and receive and open their gift!  We were so excited about this party!  Sam had been looking forward to going to Lexi's house all week and minutes before, he was so excited that I made him do 15 laps around our house to get some energy out!

So, we get to the party and walk in the house and Sam turns into a different kid!  He got so shy around everyone and I didn't handle it very well.  I took the poor child into the bathroom and told him that he better have fun or we were going to leave.  Nice.  Mom of the year right there.  I've never felt so guilty in my life, treating that precious child like that.  I have had to and still have to realize that Sam has his own personality and he is just a shy kid.  He doesn't like to talk to people he doesn't know.  He likes structure.  He isn't used to seeing his school friends out of school, so he didn't really know how to play with them at their house.  I just don't want him to be the shy kid.  I was that kid and there were so many times that I was on the outside looking in, wishing I was on the inside, and I don't want Sam to have those feelings.  But, as his mom, I must let him be who he is and he certainly must feel safe with me.  Oh, I spent some time flat on my face before the Lord last night!

Anyway, Santa did come and Sam did sit in his lap.  He didn't look at him, but he did sit there.  In fact, all of the kids were terrified of Santa.  One little girl gave the most high pitched scream I've ever heard in my life as they attempted to set her on his lap.  What in the world are we doing to these poor kids?? Of course, Jacob sat in Santa's lap like it was no big deal.  I think he may have been the only one! The kids did enjoy getting their special presents and were fine once Santa left!  

We came home and I made hot cocoa for Sam and David  and we turned on the fire and had a long talk about how it is ok to be shy.  Sam said that he didn't know people and didn't want to talk to people he doesn't know.  We tried to tell him that he won't get to know people if he doesn't talk to them, but then we remembered that he is three and we called it a night!


Amanda said...

First of all, what a neat idea for a party. I was feeling guilty that I had not planned something so awesome for my kid and his friends, but then when I read that they all were afraid of Santa, I chilled out. Maybe in a few years! Second, you are a great mom and a wonderful person. Sam is lucky to have you and to be like you. Third, his reminds me of when we took Jackson back to our old church for a visit a few months after we left. I wanted him to perform and be smiley and happy for everyone. He was the opposite. I was so disappointed! I know I didn't handle it like I should have. I love you, Sherry!

Loo said...

You are so funny. You sound like me not that long ago. I have a few stories about Emma and I that would make you feel sooo much better. Emma turned out great even with my endless mistakes. Miss you all.

The Chappelles said...

All is well that ends well.... and i will just say that I can completely relate. Love ya!

The Wiggins Family said...

Sherry- I love you and I love your transparency. Thank you Lord that He can use those times of weakness to make us poor in spirit. I know He delights in you and loves your desire to be that great mom. Let me know when you've reached perfection. hahaha... Enjoyed the pics.

Anonymous said...

Just curious ....When will you be joining the 3 Boy MOM club? Hah!

DARLING!!!!!!!!!! Luv, PAM

I wish that I could have had a blog when mine were young. Instead, I have hopechests and trunks still full of treasures from the boys that I never had time to put into a scrap-book and record properly. Hopefully, they have some good memories.