Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sam is Three!!!!

I have tried to start this post a number of times, but have had a hard time because I can't believe how fast these past three years have gone.  We have had so much fun!  

We had a full day of fun for Sam's birthday.  First, we had a ton of our friends over to celebrate memorial day.  We had about 35 people in our house for food, fun and fellowship.  The kids played inside and outside...on the swingset, in the sandbox and in the sprinkler!  Some kids ended up in the bathtub, too.  The moms and dads ate, tried to get our kids to eat and talked as much as we could.  We loved having everyone here.  There is nothing like having my house full of friends to make me happy!  Then, we took naps and my family and the Kuykendalls came over for ice cream cake from coldstone.  Sam was given some fun presents!

So, three years.  Three of the most precious years of my life.  Three of the most exhausting years.  Three of the most rewarding years.  Sam has really grown up so much this year.  He has become a big brother...and a good one.  He loves Jacob more than I could have asked him to.  He holds complete and long conversations with us.  He starts conversations.  He thinks for himself.  He is very independent, but still likes our help with some things.  He is an absolute joy and an absolute mess all at the same time!  He is the most strong-willed person I know.  This used to scare me, but I have come to love it about Sam.  I know that everything he does, he does with all of himself.  Sometimes, this means that he disobeys me with all of himself, but it also means that he loves, gives, works, plays, etc. with all of himself.  Somehow his strong-willed behavior makes the sweet moments with him even sweeter.  

Sam is also hilarious.  He keeps us laughing and on our toes constantly!  We had his three year checkup yesterday and he even had the nurse and the doctor laughing.  First, the nurse asked Sam a series of questions:

Nurse:  Do you know your whole name?
Sam:  My name is Sam.  S-A-M Sam.

Nurse: Can you stand on one foot?
Sam:  I can stand on one foot and shake my hands.  I don't want you to watch.

Nurse:  Do you know how to ride a bike?  
Sam:  I ride very fast.  My bike is yellow, black and red.  I wear a helmet.  It has hot wheels on it.

Next, we go to get weighed and measured.  The nurse asks Sam to walk on just the blue squares back to our room.  Sam says, "I am going to walk on the white ones."  Of course he is...always has to do it just a little different.

Then, the doctor came in.  Sam looks at me and says, "Mom, can I tell Dr. McKillip just one thing?"  I say, "of course, go ahead."  Sam says "I have blisters on my feets because mom forgot to bring my pool shoes."  Thanks, Sam.  He did have blisters because we had gone to the pool the day before without his shoes and it was very hot.  He is fine...

Sam knows a ton of scripture at this point.  I hope so much that it is stored in his heart and that he will come to love the Word.  I pray that He loves Jesus with all of himself.  I pray that Sam comes to know Jesus early in his life and that he devotes his life to Him.  I pray that he knows how much we love him, but more, how much the Lord loves him.  Sam causes me to get on my face before the Lord all the time, and I pray that soon, Sam will desire a relationship with Jesus.

Here is something that I have prayed over Sam almost every night since I've known him:

"Lord, I pray for Sam's mind.  I pray that he will have the mind of Christ and that he will know You for who you are.  I ask that you protect his mind from things that are not of You."

"I pray for Sam's eyes.  I pray that he will see people the way that You see people.  I pray that he will seek You for who You are."

"I pray for Sam' ears.  I pray that he will listen to You and hear Your word.  I pray that he will never let a word from You fall to the ground.  I pray that he will listen to the body of Christ."

"I pray for Sam's mouth.  Lord, let his tongue speak Your word.  Let no unwholesome talk come from his lips.  Let Sam be slow to speak and to only speak in love.  Use his mouth to edify Your body."

"I pray for Sam's heart.  Let him love you with all of it.  Let him trust You with all of it.  Let him seek You with all of it.  I ask that his heart be guarded.  I pray that he will give you his heart and let you be the lover of his soul."

"I pray for Sam's body.  Let him be completely satisfied in You alone.  I ask that You protect his body and keep him pure."

"I pray for Sam's hands.  Let his hands be used to do the works that You have prepared for him to do.  I ask that his hands be used to glorify You."

"I pray for Sam's feet.  Help him to let your word be a lamp to his feet and a light to his path.  I pray that his feet would bring the gospel to people who have not heard.  I pray that you help him to walk on the path that you have ordained for him."

"Bless this child.  Let him know he is loved!"


Bryson's Mom said...

I'm right behind you, sister! Bryson will be three on the 22nd! What a joy!

The Chappelles said...

Sherry, I loved your prayer for Sam. I actually copied it and am using it over my kids! Thanks...

The Burkett Family said...

WOW. Sherry, thank you, again you have reminded me of something so important, and I needed the nudge to change my (selfish) prayers for my kiddos. I love you so. Give Sambini a huge three-year-old hug from Ben for us!