Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yesterday, I was given a new Bible. I couldn't express at the time how grateful I am to have this, but I am. At first, I was afraid that I wasn't going to be able to give up my old one because I have had it since I found out that I was expecting Sam. David gave it to me after our first doctor's appointment and it has been with me through so much. I have slept with it, carried it everywhere, run to it, cried in it, jumped up and down over reading it, memorized it and the list goes on. So, I was a little nervous about my new one, but so ecstatic at the same time. This new Bible is a key word study Bible, where I can look up Hebrew and Greek meanings of words throughout the Bible. WOW!! It is something that I love to do, but I've always written down the words I wanted to look up, then go to my computer and look them up on some software that I have. Now, I can just turn to the back and there it is!!! How fun! I couldn't wait to get up this morning and have my time with the Lord before my house started stirring. I started with Psalm 18, something that I have held onto over the past couple of months. I am working on memorizing it, and to see it in a new light was amazing. Let me tell you, His Word is amazing. It is always fresh and new and exciting. I could have stayed in my kitchen all day studying, but the inevitable happened...Tex came roaring down the stairs, David had to get ready for work and Sam woke up. But, one of the awesome things about God's Word is that it stays with me. He hides it in my heart. Now that I have a new resource, I was able to meditiate in a different way and think about it all day while I was digging in the sandbox, putting trailers on tractors and running from Sam with the waterhose. I can't wait to see what I go through with this Bible. I'm sure that I'll sleep with it, carry it everywhere, run to it, cry in it, jump up and down over it, and probably things I can't even imagine yet. I can't wait.

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