Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ok, so now that I've had the chance to tell everyone that I'm pregnant, I thought it would be fun to share some reactions!

1. Me--Well, first of all, I was (and am) ecsatic! I was pretty dumb and took the pregnancy test IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY when I could tell no one. Of course, I couldn't call David and tell him this news over the phone, so I had to wait all afternoon until he got home before I could open my mouth. I tried to keep conversations to a minimum until he walked in the door. So, when I found out, I literally went straight to my knees to pray and I just started laughing before the Lord. I don't know why, but I found it hilarious that He would entrust me with another little blessing. I can hardly handle Sam and now He's giving me another gift??? I told Him that He is going to have to completely do it because I can't. And, as many of you know, finding out that we were pregnant with Sam was a huge shock to us. I have realized in the past couple of days that there was a ton of freedom with it being a surprise. You see, as a surprise, I could always claim that the Lord had to have planned it, so He was going to equip me accordingly because it wasn't our idea at all. This time, we planned our pregnancy, which kind of freaks me out. Of course, the Lord planned it. He says in His word that He determines the exact times and places that everyone is going to live, so I know that this really wasn't OUR idea, but you can see where I'm coming from. This morning, I was listening to Sam through the monitor and I just thought, "Wow, I get to do this fun!!!" So, I am more than excited about being pregnant.

2. David--shocked and in denial for the first day. This was the first time that I actually bought a pregnancy test on my own. I always ask David to pick them up because I am so embarrassed to buy one. I don't know why...I just am. Even when I bought this one, I felt like I needed to show my marriage certificate to the cashier when I paid for it. Anyway, so when David got home, he came upstairs to play tractors with Sam and I told him that I'd be right back. Then, I had him close his eyes and I just put the test in front of him and told him to open his eyes. He was thrilled and had the biggest grin on his face. Then, I told him to call his parents so he could tell them and he said "Sherry thinks she might be pregnant." NO...SHERRY IS PREGNANT!!! Now, he is so excited that he can hardly stand it, but the first day was really funny.

3. Our precious parents---elated beyond words. Both sets are still giddy over knowing that they will have another grandchild. We are so thankful that they support us so much!!

4. My sweet "mommy" friends--each one had their own precious, unforgettable reactions filled with blessings and excitement!

5. LPM--Ok, so there is no place in the world like LPM to share some news...good or bad. These sisters truly rejoice when you rejoice and mourn when you mourn. They are the purest, truest form of fellowship that I have ever had. They are wonderful! I knew that I was going into the office yesterday, and I knew that three of my sisters wouldn't be in the office, so I was able to share with them before because I knew that they would be BITTER if they found out last. Each of their reactions were sweet, encouraging and exciting. Then, I had planned to tell my other sisters at lunch on Friday. When I got to the office, I found out that two more were out, so I had to let them, I got to call one of them and she knew as soon as I started talking. She said to me, "It's going to take all of us to birth this baby." It really did with Sam and everything we do takes a village...seriously. I was able to text my other sister who went to her niece's graduation and she was excited too. But, in the office was the most hilarious reaction. I posted the announcment on my blog, not knowing that one of my sisters was going to look at the blog that morning. When Nancy pulled up the blog, she and Kimberly Mac ran down the hall as fast as they could run, Kimberly immediately put her hand on my tummy and Nancy said, "you're pregnant??!!!??" So, I didn't get to wait until lunch, but the surprise factor outweighed any plan I had. Susan looked at me and said "did you want to be?" because she knew about the surprise of last time. And Kimberly Meyer said, I was just praying about that yesterday...of course she was. But, there was one sister who wasn't upstairs, so I had to run down to her office to let her know. This was one of my favorite times because Diane was the first person I told when I found out I was pregnant with Sam. But, with Sam, I went into her office, crying so hard I could hardly talk. I tried to get the words, "I'm pregnant" out, but they wouldn't come. She thought something was seriously wrong. Finally, I got to tell her and she held me and told me I was going to be a great mom. It was a precious moment I'll never forget because she was the first person to tell me I really could do it. This time, I got to tell her with the most excitment, so it was like an incredible do-over!! So, it was extremely fun because they actually surprised me!!

6. My college friends---unbelievably excited and encouraging for three girls who don't yet have kids. But, they all love Sam so much!

7. Tex--I told Tex first because I knew he wouldn't tell anyone. He knew before David. I told him after I got finished laughing my head off before the Lord. I kid you not, the dog had his ears perked up and when I told him, the ears immediately went back and he just went to his bed. I don't think he can handle it.


Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

I was in tears reading about the Village - especially you and Di. Oh my goodness. How fun that Tex was the first to know! When I took my test with Jackson, our dog AND cat barged in and I had to tell them first.

Shelly said...

I hopped on your blog somewhere off of the LPM's. Call me weird, (b/c I'm sorry, but I don't know you! in Jesus' sweet spirit realm - does that count!? haha) but I just loved reading about you telling all your friends and loved one of your new pregnancy. Esp. the 'do-over' for you telling Diane - that was just precious and so tender! Blessings! And that little one you have now is ABSOLUTELY adorable!! Ohh! I'm 24 and far from kids (I think you have to have the whole husband thing first :) hehe)....but I just love kids.